Kickboxing Lessons for Kids: What to Expect, Costs, and Benefits

Kickboxing Lessons for Kids

Kickboxing lessons for children in Metro Vancouver’s Richmond BC, offer a range of physical, mental, and social benefits. Here’s what you need to know about kickboxing lessons for kids, including its various advantages, what to expect from classes, safety tips, costs, and the opportunity to enroll your kids in kickboxing classes or private lessons at Art of Kickboxing.

Kickboxing offers numerous benefits for kids, including improved physical fitness and motor skills. It enhances physical skills such as coordination, balance, and agility, while also boosting mental skills like focus and discipline. Kids develop self-defense skills and social skills, making kickboxing a well-rounded activity that promotes valuable life skills. Additionally, martial arts training helps children develop cognitive development and emotional strengths, providing a balanced approach to growth and learning.

The mental skills developed through kickboxing include improved concentration, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. These skills are essential for academic success and overall personal development. For example, the discipline learned in kickboxing can help children in their studies by fostering a structured approach to learning and time management.

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What to Expect in a Kids Kickboxing Class
Kickboxing training with pads is one of the safest way, and most practical way to learn self-defence, while keeping the “contact” part of combat realistic. Image by Freepik.

Kids kickboxing classes typically start with a warm-up that includes basic body weight moves to enhance body awareness. The class then progresses to technical drills focusing on effective kicks and punches. A typical kids martial arts class will involve a mix of cardio exercises and technical drills, and cool-down activities:

The cardio segment may include activities like skipping, HIIT drills, or dynamic stretching to get the heart rate up.

Technical drills focus on teaching the correct form and execution of punches, kicks, and other techniques. This is typically padwork against a kickboxing coach, but also involves many other different practical safe combat drills.

Sparring allows students to apply what they have learned in a controlled environment, helping them develop their self-defense skills and build confidence. However, sparring is too dangerous for kids due to the risks of injury, and should be left out of a kickboxing training program.

In addition to the physical training, many kickboxing programs include goal setting and achievement tracking. Children may work towards earning different kickboxing belt ranks, with each rank representing a higher skill level and greater mastery of the techniques. This system of progression helps keep children motivated and gives them a sense of accomplishment as they advance through the ranks.

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Safety is paramount in kickboxing. Ensuring children have the correct gear, such as gloves and shinpads. Classes should be conducted in a supportive environment with a strong emphasis on proper technique to prevent injuries. Kickboxing instructors play a crucial role in creating an encouraging environment that emphasizes safety and skill development.

Proper warm-ups and cool-downs are also crucial to prevent injuries. Warm-ups help prepare the muscles for the intense physical activity, while cool-downs help reduce muscle soreness and promote recovery. Children should also be taught the importance of listening to their bodies and communicating any discomfort or pain to their instructors.

Kickboxing programs should always prioritize the safety and well-being of the participants. This includes having a well-trained staff, maintaining clean and safe facilities, and ensuring that the classes are appropriate for the children’s age and skill level. Martial arts schools that offer kids classes should have clear policies and procedures in place to handle emergencies and injuries.

The costs of kickboxing for kids can vary from private training to classes. Fees typically cover the kickboxing program itself, which may include multiple classes per week. Additional costs may include equipment like gloves and uniforms, as well as fees for special skill workshops or belt promotions. Some martial arts schools offer packages that bundle these expenses, providing a more cost-effective solution for parents.

When considering the costs, it’s important to look at the overall value of the program. A successful kickboxing program will offer high-quality instruction, a safe and supportive environment, and opportunities for children to grow and develop both physically and mentally. The investment in kickboxing can pay off in the form of improved physical fitness, increased confidence, and valuable life skills that will benefit children throughout their lives.

Parents should also consider the long-term costs and benefits of kickboxing. While the initial investment may be significant, the long-term benefits of improved health, self-discipline, and emotional resilience can far outweigh the costs. Additionally, some martial arts schools offer scholarships or financial assistance for families in need, making kickboxing more accessible to a wider range of children.

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At Art of Kickboxing in Metro Vancouver’s Richmond BC, we offer beginner kickboxing lessons and private kickboxing training for kids. Our kickboxing classes are designed to be safe and supportive, with no sparring involved. This ensures that children can learn the valuable skills of kickboxing without the risk of injury from contact sparring.

Our kids kickboxing program focuses on building a solid foundation of physical fitness, motor skills, and self-defense techniques. The classes are structured to promote body awareness, coordination, and agility, while also enhancing mental skills such as focus and discipline. Our experienced kickboxing instructors create an encouraging environment that helps children develop confidence and social skills.

Art of Kickboxing provides a practical approach to martial arts training ensuring that children receive a well-rounded education in kickboxing, learning both the physical and mental aspects of the sport. Our classes are tailored to the skill level and needs of each child, ensuring that they can progress at their own pace.

We understand that every child is unique, and our private kickboxing training sessions offer personalized instruction to help each child reach their full potential. Whether your child is new to kickboxing or looking to improve their skills, our dedicated kickboxing instructors are here to support them every step of the way.

Join us at Art of Kickboxing in Richmond BC for a kickboxing program that prioritizes safety, skill development, and personal growth. Our goal is to provide a positive and enriching experience that helps children thrive both in and out of the gym.

Interested in learning kickboxing? Join today.

Ready to start your first kickboxing class? Join us at Art of Kickboxing located in Richmond BC, Metro Vancouver, where we offer a diverse range of classes in kickboxing classes for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner, a child (with parental consent), a teen, or an adult, our expert trainers are here to guide you through specializing in kickboxing for both combat sports and self-defence.

Adults can sign up by downloading the Glofox app (Android / iOS), search for “The Bar Strength and Conditioning,” create a profile, sign the waiver, buy a membership under “memberships,” and then select and book your class from the timetable.

Parents are invited to enroll their children by contacting us directly. We’re here to support every step of their martial arts journey. Explore our schedule and pricing plans, and reach out to us for any information you need to get started.

Kids (4-14 years old) train at our 2188 No. 5 Rd BLK BOX location. Adults train at our main facility at 3231 No. 6 Rd #147, The Bar Strength And Conditioning.

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