Kickboxing Head Instructor Coach Kris

Team Head Coach

Coach Kris

Kris Tang, a coach with over 5 years of experience in strength and kickboxing training, has learned from top Vancouver coaches while working as a coach and a personal trainer at gyms like UFC, Vandal, Gracie Barra, and Checkmat. With over 5,000 coaching hours, including one-on-one personal training, he has helped busy youth and professionals learn self-defence skills and enhance their athleticism.

In his own competitive journey, Kris has

Competed in Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Kickboxing.
Won silver at the Canadian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (Gi) in Light Featherweight.
Fought 20 pounds above his weight class in the Be First Championship (Lightweight).
Competed in Merge Combat Fury V (Bantamweight).
Earned a silver medal at the Compnet Western Canadian Championship (Middleweight, Gi, and No Gi).

Beginner Kickboxing Instructor

Coach Jimmy

Meet Jimmy Tu, our dedicated beginner kickboxing coach and fitness enthusiast. Jimmy’s journey into the world of martial arts began early, and he’s thrilled to share his passion for kickboxing with our students. With a strong foundation in personal training, Jimmy’s expertise lies in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. As a beginner kickboxing instructor, Jimmy excels in creating an inclusive and motivating atmosphere for students of all levels. He understands the challenges that newcomers face and is skilled at breaking down kickboxing techniques in an approachable and enjoyable way. Join Jimmy in his kickboxing classes to start your self-defence journey and experience the benefits of this dynamic martial art with a passionate instructor by your side.

Beginner Kickboxing Class Instructor Coach Jimmy
Beginner Kickboxing Instructor Coach Eric

Beginner Kickboxing Instructor

Coach Eric

Meet Eric Wang, our passionate beginner kickboxing coach. Eric’s journey into kickboxing began as a personal fitness pursuit, and he’s now excited to share his love for the sport with our students. Join his kickboxing classes to kickstart your fitness journey and learn kickboxing fundamentals in a fun and supportive environment. He’s an experienced beginner kickboxing instructor with 2 years of teaching experience.

Beginner Kickboxing Instructor

Coach Daniel

Meet Daniel Kwong, our dedicated kickboxing coach. With a passion for martial arts, Daniel teaches Fundamental Kickboxing skills at our gym. His expert guidance and motivational coaching style help our members become skilled and confident strikers. Join his classes and experience the transformative power of kickboxing with a skilled mentor by your side.

Beginner Kickboxing Instructor - Coach Daniel
Muay Thai Training Instructor

Muay Thai Instructor

Coach Hut

With a decade of Muay Thai experience, Coach Hut leads our beginner-friendly fundamental Muay Thai classes, providing essential techniques in a supportive training environment. His philosophy emphasizes discipline and respect, guiding students in both skill development and personal growth. Join Hut’s Muay Thai classes for a practical self-defence mastery start your martial arts journey.