Kickboxing Tournament Vancouver: Safety & Competitions

Kickboxing Tournament Vancouver

Kickboxing, a martial art that combines elements of boxing with kicks, has seen a significant rise in popularity as both a form of physical fitness and a competitive sport. This rise has brought with it a slew of tournaments and competitions, especially in Metro Vancouver, where the martial arts community is not as visible or known of among Vancouverites.

Art of Kickboxing in Richmond, Metro Vancouver, emphasizes learning kickboxing for self-defence, and we offer beginner kickboxing training classes for those that want to learn, train, and hone their kickboxing skills. We do not advocate that people join kickboxing competitions or tournaments due to the safety issues and the risk/reward is rarely worth it.

However, for those that would like to compete, here’s a general overview of kickboxing tournaments in Metro Vancouver, along with safety, and information about competitions.

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Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC – Oct 14th, 2023 Burnaby. WCMAC – Match 8 – Zhenhuan Lei vs Jason Remedios. Celly Entertainment.

Before deciding to compete in kickboxing, it’s incredibly important to know the health risks. Injuries in kickboxing events can lead to life-changing conditions that might not get better. Typically, tournament organizers prioritize the health and well-being of the athletes above all. Medical care is usually readily available at these events, with professionals skilled in sports medicine overseeing the participants.

The risk of sport injuries, such as concussions, can lead to terrible recovery journeys. Subdural hematomas should be taken seriously, and preventative measures should be strictly enforced, including the use of protective gear and adherence to rules designed to limit dangerous techniques.

A regulatory process typically ensures that all competitions, from amateur kickboxing events to professional bouts, receive proper approval and are conducted under safe conditions. This includes ensuring that event permits are in place and that the event adheres to provincial safety rules, offering participants and spectators peace of mind.

With every tournament make sure to research the referees, the rules, how experienced the fighters, get accurate answers about tournament matchmaking experiences, and especially online reviews. Unfortunately, a young man named Zhenhuan Lei, an international student, was seriously injured with a internal brain bleed at an amateur kickboxing event held at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, hosted by Western Canadian Martial Arts Championship.

The kickboxing competition was apparently only supposed to be “light contact” or “continuous kick light” event. Ying Li, his mother is heartbroken, as her son is now in a vegetative state (Here’s Zhenhuan Lei and his Mother’s GoFundMe created by the lawyer: According to Reddit, many others have commented on the lax combative tournament, the unprofessional referees, and the unfair matchups. This is why is extremely important to research the tournament beforehand.

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For those looking to dip their toes into the competitive waters of kickboxing, the journey begins with training and finding the right gym or martial arts academy that offers a solid foundation in the discipline. Starting in the novice category, aspiring competitors learn the ropes, from the basics of kickboxing to more advanced techniques and strategies. Participation in local tournaments provides valuable experience and exposes fighters to the competitive atmosphere.

Joining organizations such as WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) British Columbia can provide additional opportunities for competition and growth. These organizations often have resources for fighters at all levels, including those with 0-5 bouts to elite level athletes.

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Can-Am International Martial Arts Championships, Richmond Oval. Can-Am Internationals 2017 Match 1 Kickboxing. Naomi F.

Metro Vancouver has a few kickboxing tournaments, hosting several notable events that draw competitors from across the region and beyond. Registration and event time options may differ, or not be accurate after the publishing of this post, so it would be best to visit the site to get the most up-to-date information.

For the WAKO Canada Nationals, registration is now open for the event taking place from April 25 to April 28, 2024. Clubs must be registered for 2024 before their athletes can sign up, and athletes also need to be registered for 2024. Ring sport participants are required to submit both their 2024 Individual Membership and Medical forms prior to registering. Make sure to fill out the registration forms correctly, including the club owner’s sign-off, and ensure payment information is included​ (WAKO Canada)​.

The Can-Am International Martial Arts Championships stand out for offering top-tier, world-class awards, and features exceptional talent within the martial arts community. Celebrating over four decades since its debut in 1979, and bouncing back strongly after a hiatus due to COVID-19, the Can-Am Championships continue to be Canada’s premier martial arts event. A championship belt or silver medals are awards for 1st division and 2nd division winners.

Date: SAT, SUN 15 – 16 JUNE 2024

Registration can be found here:

Rules and More Information:

Located in Burnaby, the BC Open Martial Arts Championship is a favorite among martial arts fans, with position Facebook reviews who loved previous events.

Unfortunately, the event scheduled for Saturday, April 6th, 2024, has been cancelled. Those interested should keep an eye out for updates regarding next year’s event, as the organizers are likely to plan for a return. Stay connected through their official channels for the latest news and information.

The event was scheduled for Saturday, April 6th, 2024, at the BCIT Main Gym SE 16, located at 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC. Online registration was available from January 1st to March 30th, and there will be no door registrations. Competitions were categorized by age, with juniors starting from 8:00 am and adults from 9:30 am.

The kickboxing community in Vancouver is deeply committed to promoting a safe, inclusive, and competitive environment. Events like the BC Open Martial Arts Championship and WAKO British Columbia tournaments are celebrations of martial arts, offering athletes a platform to compete, learn, and grow. Safety protocols, including medical checks and adherence to rules, ensure that the spirit of competition never compromises the well-being of the participants. For those looking to start competing in kickboxing, Vancouver offers opportunities and a chance to meet a supportive community to enrich your social life.

Kickboxing competitions in Metro Vancouver provide an entry point to a world of discipline, challenge, and friendship, regardless of your level of expertise. It’s a journey led by passion, safety, and the unwavering quest of excellence that starts with a single kick.

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Art of Kickboxing in Richmond, British Columbia, Metro Vancouver, provides beginning kickboxing and Muay Thai self-defense classes. Depending on your interests, ambitions, and expectations from martial arts training, you can choose between taking Muay Thai or Kickboxing lessons.

Muay Thai may be the right martial art for you if you’re drawn to a broad range of techniques and extremely successful self-defense scenarios. However, kickboxing could be more your thing if you’d rather play a sport that emphasizes speed and agility along with striking and kicking. The best way to decide? Try a class in both and see which one captures your heart. Check out our martial arts pricing plans and class training schedule.

Ready to start your first kickboxing class? Join us at Art of Kickboxing located in Richmond BC, Metro Vancouver, where we offer a diverse range of classes in kickboxing classes for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner, a child (with parental consent), a teen, or an adult, our expert trainers are here to guide you through specializing in kickboxing for both combat sports and self-defence.

Adults can sign up by downloading the Glofox app (Android / iOS), search for “The Bar Strength and Conditioning,” create a profile, sign the waiver, buy a membership under “memberships,” and then select and book your class from the timetable.

Parents are invited to enroll their children by contacting us directly. We’re here to support every step of their martial arts journey. Explore our schedule and pricing plans, and reach out to us for any information you need to get started.

Kids (4-14 years old) train at our 2188 No. 5 Rd BLK BOX location. Adults train at our main facility at 3231 No. 6 Rd #147, The Bar Strength And Conditioning.

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